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Aesthetics of Anatomy

Aesthetics of Anatomy is a series of life drawing workshops.

Aesthetics of Anatomy is a unique opportunity to study the surface anatomy of the head, neck, torso and limbs, using life models, great works of art, and practical drawing lessons. Anatomy is at the heart of medical education and life drawing can expose the medical student to a range of physiques beyond the text book whilst opening their eyes to the beauty and intrigue of the body. There is also evidence that it sharpens observational skills.

Below are the aims of the sessions:

  • To enhance participants observational skills
  • To learn about anatomy through drawing
  • To work with artists to explore the aesthetics of the human form
  • To understand anatomy and the body in a non medical context
  • To develop new drawing skills using a range of materials
  • Provide stimulating and creative learning experiences
  • Make the Whitworth’s collection accessible to a wider audience
  • To fulfill SSC module
  • Intended learning outcomes:
  • Participants will have increased visual observation skills and thus improved diagnostic skills
  • Accessed a wide range of museum objects and artworks to promote an holistic understanding and appreciation of the human form
  • Gain a deeper understanding of anatomy
  • View the human form beyond a medical model
  • Participants will have developed a range of drawing skills
  • Participants will appreciate the benefits of creative practice and cultural engagement for their own wellbeing
  • Successfully complete an SSC module