How cultural experiences can improve health and wellbeing

Kate Eggleston-Wirtz

Kate is a multi-disciplinary artist best known for her three-dimensional narrative artworks focusing on history, place and identity often made in response to working creatively with people. Originally from the United States she was trained as an illustrator giving her a strong foundation for visual storytelling.  She has always had a keen interest in objects, as they are tangible and emotive with the ability to connect people from the past to the present.

It was her three-dimensional art that led Kate to working closely with museums and older people, as objects have the power to spark memory. Objects are often used in her multi-media workshops giving participants something to handle, focus on and engage with increasing the potential for social interaction.

Kate’s reminiscence work using objects led to other arts and health projects particularly working with those living with dementia and people experiencing mental health issues. However, her person centred approach and socially engaged creative processes works with all ages and skill-base. This artist facilitates fun and makes creative things happen!




Kate Eggleston-Wirtz

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Twitter: @eggwirtz