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Sally Gilford

Specialising in printed textiles, Sally creates bold, vibrant designs inspired by humans and nature.  She is interested in using textiles to communicate and tell stories in unexpected ways. Currently working with researchers from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Matrix Research, she explores the connections between art and science, creating distinctive responses to original images of scientific research.  

Through her work as a creative practitioner and producer, Sally facilitates the exploration of multi disciplinary art forms to encourage self-expression; creative experimentation and process lead artistic collaboration.  She has worked as an educator and socially engaged practitioner for 10 years across a diverse range of organisations and in a variety of settings. 

Sally is also a part of >thread{ } collective.  They create generative artwork that subverts and connects textile heritage using analogue and digital processes. Working with code and human bio data, they produce digital imagery, which is interpreted through print and surface pattern.

Her studio is based at Islington Mill Studios in Salford where she also co-founded screen print specialists One69A in 2009 and most recently, Salford Makers CiC. / @sally_gilford / @salford_makers / @one69a / @thread_mcr



Sally Gilford
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